-Mechanical Engineering

Dept.Sem/ElectivesCourse CodeCourse TitleLTPCredits
MEUG3ME 3804Kinematics of Machinery3003
MEUG3ME 3803Manufacturing Process3003
MEUG3MEL 3801Manufacturing Process Lab0031
MEUG3CE 3801Environmental Engineering3003
MEUG3ME 3802Thermodynamics3003
MEUG3ME 3801Material Science & Engineering3003
MEUG3ME 0000MOOC/Swayam course3003
MEUG3MA 3801Numerical Methods for Engineers3003
MEUG4EAA 3801EAA (Sports/ITovative Project)0031
MEUG4ME 4803Industrial Engineering and Management3003
MEUG4ME 4801Applied Thermodynamics3104
MEUG4MEL 4801Applied Thermodynamics Lab0031
MEUG4ME 4802Fluid Mechanics & Machinery3104
MEUG4MEL 4802Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab0031
MEUG4ME 480xProfessional Electives-I3003
MEUG4ME 480xProfessional Electives-II3003
MEUG4OE0xy1Open Electives-I3003
MEUG4ME 0000MOOC/Swayam course3003
MEUGEL1ME 4804Advanced Strength of Materials3003
MEUGEL1ME 4805Statistical Quality Control3003
MEUGEL2ME 4806Mechatronics and Robotics3003
MEUGEL2ME 4807Renewable Energy Systems3003
MEUG5ME 5803Dynamics of Machinery3003
MEUG5MEL 5803Dynamics of Machinery Lab0031
MEUG5ME 5801Heat Transfer3001
MEUG5MEL 5801Heat Transfer Lab0031
MEUG5ME 5802Machine Design-I3003
MEUG5ME 580xProfessional Elective-III3003
MEUG5ME 580xProfessional Elective-IV3003
MEUG5OE0xy2Open Elective-II3003
MEUG5ME 0000MOOC/Swayam course3003
MEUGEL 3ME 5804Measurements & Instrumentation3003
MEUGEL 3ME 5805Power Plant Engineering3003
MEUGEL 4ME 5806Operations Research3003
MEUGEL 3ME 5807Metal Forming Process3003
MEUG6ME 6801Internal Combustion Engine3003
MEUG6MEL 6801Internal Combustion Engine Lab0031
MEUG6ME 6802Machine Design-II3003
MEUG6ME 6803Machine Tools & Machining3003
MEUG6MEL 6803Machine Tools & Machining Lab0031
MEUG6ME 680xProfessional Elective V3003
MEUG6ME 680xProfessional Elective VI3003
MEUG6OE0xy3Open Elective-III3003
MEUG6ME 0000MOOC/Swayam course3003
MEUGEL 5ME 6804Computational Fluid Dynamics3003
MEUGEL 5ME 6805Advanced Materials & Tools3003
MEUGEL 5ME 6806Introduction to Engineering Optimisations3003
MEUGEL 6ME 6807Finite Element Methods3003
MEUGEL 6ME 6809Mechanical Vibration3003
MEUG7ME 7801Refridgeration and Air-Conditioning3003
MEUG7ME 780xProfessional Elective-VII3003
MEUG7ME 780xProfessional Elective-VIII3003
MEUG7OE0xy4Open Elective-IV3003
MEUG7ME 0000MOOC/Swayam course3003
MEUG7MEL 7801Minor Project00155
MEUG7MEL 7802Industrial Training---2
MEUG7MEL 7803Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Lab0031
MEUG7MEL 7804Seminar & Technical Writing0062
MEUGEL 7ME 7802Automobile Engineering3003
MEUGEL 7ME 7803Nonlinear Vibrations3003
MEUGEL 7ME 7804Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion3003
MEUGEL 7ME 7805Material Handling3003
MEUGEL 8ME 7806Non-Conventional Manufacturing3003
MEUGEL 8ME 7807Total Productive Maintenance3003
MEUGEL 8ME 7808Tribology3003
MEUGEL 8ME 7809Advances in Fabrication Processes3003
MEUG8ME 880xProfessional Elective-IX3003
MEUG8ME 880xProfessional Elective-X3003
MEUG8ME 8801Major Project003010
MEUG8MEL 8803Comprehensive Viva-Voca---2
MEUGEL 9ME 8801Product Design & Development3003
MEUGEL 9ME 8802Heat Exchanger Design3003
MEUGEL 9ME 8803Additive Manufacturing & 3D printing3003
MEUGEL 9ME 8804Ergonomics3003
MEUGEL 10ME 8805Machine Condition Monitoring3003
MEUGEL 10ME 8806Production and Operations Management3003
MEUGEL 10ME 8807Aerodynamics3003
MEUGEL 10ME 8808Total Quality Management3003
MEUGOPELOE 0801Elements of Mechanical Engineering3003
MEUGOPELOE 0802Renewable Energy3003
MEUGOPELOE 0803Introduction to Operations Research3003
MEUGOPELOE 0804Introduction to Power Plants3003