Faculty At Civil Department

Prof. (Dr.) Ramakar JHA
Prof. (Dr.) Ramakar JHA
Professor, HOD
Basic Information Research Interest:-Hydrology, Water resources, Climate change, River engineering,water quality modeling, Environmental flows, Advanced remote sensing and GIS, Statistical analysis
Email :- rj@nitp.ac.in
Phone :-+91 8544401806

Subjects Teaching in Department
  1. River Pollution and Control
  2. Water Resources Systems Planning and Assessment
  3. River Morphology and Hydraulics
  4. River Engineering
  5. Remote Sensing and GIS
Educational Qualification
  1. Ph. D. in Civil Engineering with specialisation in River hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering - IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand, INDIA - 2001
    Memberships & Society
    1. Executive Member North India Chapter, EWRI, ASCE, USA
    2. Member, International Water Quality Standards Committee, USA
    3. Member, International Association of Hydrologists, UK
    4. Fellow Member, The Institution of Engineers, India
    5. Life Member of Indian Association of Hydrologists, Roorkee India
    6. Life Member of Indian Society for Hydraulics, Pune
    7. Life Member of Indian Journal of Remote Sensing, Dehradun
    8. Life Member of Indian Society for SWCE, Dehradun
    9. Life Member of Indian Water Resources Society, Roorkee
      Current Administrative Responsibility
      1. Chair Professor, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Chair for Water Resources, MoWR, Govt. of India
      2. Professor-in-charge, Examination, NIT Patna
      3. Chairman, Library Advisory Committee and E-Resource Committee, NIT Patna
      4. Co-ordinator, Namami Gange of MHRD and MoWR Govt. of India
      5. Co-ordinator, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, of MHRD Govt. of India
      6. Co-ordinator, Centre for Water Resources and Ganga Management, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Patna
      7. Co-ordinator, NIRF, NIT Patna
      8. Co-ordinator for National Board of Accreditation of NIT Patna
      9. Co-ordinator Skill Development Program of NIT Patna
        Past Administrative Responsibility
        1. Member Secretary, IHP National Committee of India, INCOH, UNESCO, INDIA (year 2003-2008)
        2. Country Co-ordinator, GWADI South Asia, Roorkee India (year 2004-2008)
        3. Sicentist-in-Charge, Centre for Flood Management Studies, NIH, Patna (year 1992-1997)
        4. Professor-in-Charge, Remote Sensing and GIS Lab (year 2008-2015)
        5. Faculty Advisor, for Student Activity Centre, NIT Rourkela (year 2008-2014)
        6. Co-ordinator, International Students Meet (ISM) (year 2001-2015)
        7. Member, ACOFAR for Faculty selection at NIT Rourekla (2013-2015)
        8. Co-ordinator, NBA Accreditation of NIT Rourkela (2014-15)
        9. Project-Coordinator for European Union FP-7 Project
        10. Indian Co-ordinator, DAAD program of Germany
        11. Principal Investigators for JSPL, LANCO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other projects
        12. Member of Doctoral Research Committee (DRC) of the Department and member of many programs in different departments
          Work Experiences
          1. Chair Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Patna, Bihar
          2. Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Rourkela, Odisha
          3. Scientist B to E1, National Instittue of Hydrology Roorkee, Uttarakhand
          4. Teaching Associate, College of Technology, GBPUAT, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
            1. G-WADI ASIA- Global network for water and development information in arid and semi-arid regional of Asia, 3. Salih, A., Neupane, B., Sharma, K.D., Jayakumar, R. and Jha, R., UNESCO, December - 2007.
              1. Wakode, H.; Baier, K.; Jha, R. & Azzam, R. , Assessment of Impact of Urbanization on Groundwater Resources using GIS Techniques- Case Study of Hyderabad, India . International Journal of Environmental Research. 8(4) - 2014,1145-1158, .
              2. Dalai, Chittaranjan and Jha. R., Review on Water Treatment Techniques Used for Riverbank Filtration. International Journal of Civil Engineering Research. 5(3) - 2014,221-226, .
              3. Dalai, Chittaranjan and Jha. R., A Preliminary Experimental Analysis of Infiltration Capacity through Disturbed River bank Soil Samples. International Journal of Engineering Research and application. 10(5) - 2014,214-225, .
                Professional Services
                1. Consultant to many Industries
                2. Program Coordinator, for many Government agencies
                3. Principal Investigator for ponsored projects
                1. Country coordinatior of European Union FP-7 project “CEOP-AEGIS”, with 8 country partners namely; France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, India, China and Japan. The leader is TU Delft, The Netherlands. (2009-2015)
                2. Indian Co-ordinator for the Indo-German DAAD Project “A New Passage to India” with Aachen University, Germany (with 4 Ph.D. and 12 Master students) (2010-2016)
                3. Asian GWADI program of UNESCO for “Hydrological analysis in Brahmani-Baitarani river basin, Odisha, India”. (2014-2016)
                4. Principal Consultant for Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL, Tensa, Odisha) for consultancy project on “Analysis and implementation of Rainwater Harvesting mechanism in Tensa Iron Ore Mine area” (2013-2015)
                5. Investigator for the AusAID project on Mahanadi river system India, with IIT Bombay and Monash University, Australia (2009-2011)
                6. Consultant for Asian Development Bank (ADB) Project “Basin Specialist for IWRM” RETA6470 of the Water resources department, Government of Orissa. (2011-2012)
                7. Consultant for World Bank Aided Hydrology Project PDS “Water quality monitoring and modelling of Taldanda Canal” of the Water Resources Department, Government of Orissa. (2012-2013)
                8. Consultant for Essel Mines, Odisha for consultancy project on “Rainwater Harvesting in Jilling, Koira and Kasia mines” (2012-2013)
                9. Consultant for Steel Authority of India, Rourkela Steel Plant project on rehabilitation of sewer system. (2009-2011)
                10. Consultant for LANCO Power corporation to study the impact on sweet water due to establishment of Industries in Brahmani-baitarani river system”. (2013-2014)
                11. Co-Consultant for preparation of DPR of water resources projects of Orissa funded by DoWR, Orissa (2010-2011)
                12. TOT for UNDP project on “Hydrological Data Processing” 2003-2008
                13. EU-India ECCP River Bank Filtration Project (with 7 countries), 2003-2005
                14. TOT for Hydrology Project Phase I and Phase II funded by World Bank, 2001-2008
                15. Consultant for International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Sri Lanka for “Assessment of low flows in Himalayan regions of India”
                Phd Students
                1. Vikas Vatsa - Anthropogenic impacts on the general ecological constituents of Haridwar city including river Ganga ( 2005 - 2008 ).
                2. Somesh Jena - Environmental Flow assessment and water quality analysis in Mahanadi river ssytem in India, and their impacts ( 2009 - 2014 ).
                3. Janhabi Meher - Rainfall and Runoff Estimation using hydrological models and ANN techniques ( 2010 - 2015 ).
                4. Killian Christ (Aachen Univesity, Germany) - Interaction Between Water Related Informal Processes and Water Management: The Example of Hyderabad, India ( 2011 - 2015 ).
                5. Hemant Wakode (Aachen University, Germany) - Urban growth using remote sensing and GIS support for Hyderabad Town ( 2011 - 2015 ).
                6. Shikhar Kumar (Aachen University, Germany) - Surface and ground water management in urban areas of Varanasi, India ( 2011 - 2015 ).
                7. Nibedita Guru - Flood frequency analysis of a typical river system, India ( 2012 - 2015 ).
                8. Ray Singh Meena - Flood inundation modelling of river Kosi, India ( 2012 - Continue).
                9. Bibhuti Bhushan Sahoo - Extreme climate change impact on environmental flows of a typical stretch in river Ganga ( 2014 - Continue).
                10. Santosh Kumar Biswal - Soil erosion and sedimentation from River Bagmati, and Punpun India ( 2015 - Continue).