Faculty At Chemistry Department

Asst. Professor
Basic Information Research Interest:-Synthetic organic chemistry, glycobiology, synthesis of small molecules having medicinal importance. For details visit website https://rima49.wixsite.com/bioorgsynth
Email :- rima@nitp.ac.in
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Subjects Teaching in Department
  1. CH4203-Modern Organic Chemistry II: Modern Reagents and their Applications
  2. CHL2202 - Chemical Sciences Lab
  3. CH631-Chemistry of Natural Products
  4. CH141-Spectroscopic Methods for Structure Determination
  5. CH133-Biomolecules-Structure and Reactivity
  6. CH112-Organic Chemistry Lab I
  7. CH126-Biochemistry
  8. CH101-Chemical Sciences
  9. CH102-Chemical Sciences Lab/Engineering Chemistry Lab
  10. CH104 -Green Technology/ Environmental Science
  11. CH105-Bioscience
  12. CH108-Organic Chemistry.: Reaction mechanisms and Name Reactions
Educational Qualification
  1. Ph.D. - IIT Kanpur - 2013
  2. M.Sc. - IIT Kanpur - 2007
  3. B.Sc. - Presidency College, Kolkata - 2005
  4. ISC, New Delhi - The Future Foundation School, Kolkata - 2002
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      International Conferences
      1. Lahiri, R., Vankar, Y. D.,  Strategic Design & Synthesis of Iminoalditols as Glycosidase Inhibitors, Chemical Biology Retreat.  University of Konstanz, Germany,August - 2012, .
      2. Lahiri, R., Vankar, Y. D.,  From Sugars to Drugs: Synthesis of Glycosidase Inhibitors, JENESYS Programme.  Tokyo, Japan,November - 2010, Represented India as a SAARC nation in an exchange programme in Japan.
      National Conferences
      1. Rima Thakur, Stereoselective Trans-beta-Glycosylation Using C2-Ether Tethered Glycosyl Donors, International Conference on Chemistry for Human Development.  Kolkata,January - 2020, .
      2. Rima Thakur, NOST-OCC.  Goa,September - 2018, .
      3. Lahiri, R., Vankar, Y. D., ρ� Synthetic Strategies Towards Unnatural Azasugars As Potential Glycosidase Inhibitors, Chemfest.  IIT, Kanpur,September - 2012, .
      4. Lahiri, R., Vankar, Y. D., ρ� Synthetic Strategies Towards Unnatural Iminoalditols As Potential Glycosidase Inhibitors, NOST-OCC.  Agra,October - 2012, .
      5. Lahiri, R., Vankar, Y. D., ρ� Synthetic Strategies Towards Unnatural Azasugars As Potent Glycosidase Inhibitors, J-NOST Conference.  IISER, Mohali,December - 2011, Selected as speaker of the day.
      1. DST-SERB Sponsored Project: ECR/2016/000623
      Phd Students
      1. Mr. Pradip Das ( 2019 - Continue).
      2. Mr. Mosidur Rahaman Molla ( 2018 - Continue).