Faculty At Mathematics Department

Partha Sarathi Mandal
Partha Sarathi Mandal
Assistant Professor
Basic Information Research Interest:-Nonlinear Dynamics, Stochastic Modelling in Mathematical Biology, Stochastic Differential Equation
Email :- parthas@nitp.ac.in
Phone :-

Subjects Teaching in Department
  1. 1MA1701-Mathematics-I (UG)
  2. 1MA1301-Engineering Mathematics-I (UG)
  3. 5MA123-Ordinary Differential Equation (PG)
  4. 1MA2401-Linear Algebra(UG)
  5. 1MA 104-Calculus(UG)
  6. 3MA104-Tools of Applied Mathematics(UG)
  7. 7MA173-Nonlinear Dynamical System (PG)
  8. 6MA141-Probability Theory I (PG)
  9. 6MA130-Measure Theory & Integration (PG)
  10. 4MA107-Probability & Statistics (PG)
  11. 1MA702-Mathematical Method (PG)
  12. 4MA109-Linear Algebra (UG)
  13. 5MA207-Probability & Statistics for Enginears (UG)
  14. 1MA1401-Engineering Maths I (UG)
Educational Qualification
  1. Ph.D - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur - 2013
  2. M.SC - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur - 2007
  3. B.SC - University of Calcutta - 2005
    Memberships & Society
    1. Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB) (Annual Membership)
    2. Indian Mathematical Society(Life Membership)
      Current Administrative Responsibility
      1. Member of Departmental Research Committee (DRC) (26/08/2019-Ongoing)
      2. Ph.D Coordinator(15/07/2019-Ongoing)
      3. Member of Board of Studies (12/10/2018-Ongoing)
        Past Administrative Responsibility
        1. UG coordinator(20/08/2018-14/07/2019)
        2. PhD coordinator in the department of Mathematics at NIT Patna (12/12/2014-17/01/2015)
        3. UG-semester officer at NIT Patna (09/01/2015-18/04/2016)
        4. Programme officer of NSS committee at NIT Patna (20/03/2015- 31/07/2016)
        5. Member of Library advisory committee at NIT Patna
        6. Time Table Coordinator (19/02/2018-19/08/2018)
          Work Experiences
          1. Assistant Professor Grade I at NIT Patna, 23/07/2018 - Continuing
          2. Assistant Professor at NIT Patna, 09/12/2014 - 22/07/2018
          3. Assistant Professor at NIT Goa from 16-12-2013 to 4-12-2014 (11 months)
          4. NBHM Post Doctoral fellow at IISC Bangalore from 15/07/2013 to 13/12/2013.
          5. Project associate at the Department of civil engineering, IIT Kanpur under Prof. S. N. Tripathi from 01-09-2007 to 30-11-2007 (3 months).
            1. Deterministic and Stochastic analysis for Mathematical models of complex ecosystem, Partha Sarathi Mandal, Lambert Academic publishing, ISBN: 978-620-0-23245-8 - 2019.
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                International Conferences
                1. , Deterministic chaos vs. Stochastic oscillation in a four dimensional competitive Lotka-Volterra model, China-Japan-Korea International Conference on Mathematical Biology.  Pusan National University, Korea - 2012, .
                2. , Noise regulated spatio-temporal pattern formation in a ratio-dependent prey-predator model, Workshop on Stochastic Modeling of Reaction-Diffusion Processes in Biology.  Oxford Center for Computation Applied Mathematics, Oxford University, UK - 2012, .
                3. , Stochastic Persistence and Stability of a Modified Holling-Tanner Model, International conference on Mathematical Biology.  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India - 2011, .
                4. , International Congress of Mathematicians.  Hyderabad, India - 2010, .
                5. , Indo-German Conference on “PDE, Scientific Computing and Optimization in Applications”.  Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India - 2009, .
                National Conferences
                1. , Workshop on `Stability and Bifurcation Analysis and Pattern Formation in Mathematical Ecology and Epidemiology.  Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India - 2011, .
                2. , Stochastic Modeling of a single species Allee effect model: Moment Based Analysis, National seminar.  Brahmanand College - 2011, .
                3. , Workshop cum Training Program on Dynamical System: Analysis and Applications.  Department of Mathematics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India - 2009, .
                Professional Services
                1. Reviewer of Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena
                2. Reviewer of Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing
                3. Reviewer of PLOS One
                4. Reviewer of Mathematical Bioscience and Engineering
                5. Reviewer of Nonlinearity
                6. Reviewer of Applied Mathematics and Computation
                7. Reviewer of Differential Equation and Dynamical System
                8. Reviewer of Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
                1. Study of stochastic population models in presence of demographic stochasticity, DST-SERB, MATRICS, 13/03/2020-12/03/2023(On going)
                2. Mathematical Study of Honeybee populations in random environments-Linking disease and Parasite, CSIR, EMR-II, 01/04/2019-31/03/2022 (On-going)
                3. Mathematical Study of Noise-Induced Transitions in Ecological and Eco-epidemiological Models, DST-SERB, YSS,, 18/ 07/2016-17/07/2019.(Completed)
                Phd Students
                1. Sunil Maity - Yet to decide ( 2019 - Continue).
                2. Udai Kumar - The Impact of Allee Effect on the dynamical behavior of Ecological and Eco-epidemiological system ( 2016 - Continue).
                3. Koushik Garain - The effect of Environmental noise on the dynamics of population models arising in ecology and epidemiology ( 2018 - Continue).