Faculty At Physics Department

Dr. Neeraj Shukla
Dr. Neeraj Shukla
Assistant Professor
Basic Information Research Interest:-Ion matter Interaction and defect analysis using RBS,Chanelling, SRIM. Ion Beam induced micro and nano fabrication for variety of applications related to Surface plasmons, and various sensor based applications, Ion Beam Induced magnetism in 2D Layered materials and Magneto Transport and Magnetization studies of properties of derived multilayer Graphene related and other materials for GMR and EMR applications.
Email :- neerajs@nitp.ac.in
Phone :-

Subjects Teaching in Department
  1. Engineering Physics (PH101)
  2. Classical Mechanics (PH115)
Educational Qualification
  1. Ph.D. - IIT Kanpur - 2013
  2. M.Sc. - IIT Kanpur - 2006
  3. B.Sc. - Ewing Christian College Allahababd - 2004
    Memberships & Society
    1. DST Inspire Fellow
      Work Experiences
      1. 1.Worked as Scientist D at UGC DAE CSR Kalpakkam Node since Sept 2012 to June 2016
        1. Emergence of Ferromagnetic Ordering in HOPG and other layered materials (DST Inspire Project)