Faculty At Social Science and humanities Department

Dr. Deepak Kumar Behera
Dr. Deepak Kumar Behera
Assistant Professor Grade-I
Basic Information Research Interest:-Labour and Employment, Agriculture, Regional Disparities
Email :- dkb@nitp.ac.in
Phone :-9557805425

Subjects Teaching in Department
  1. Industrial Economics & Financial Management
  2. Sociology & Building Economics
  3. Science, Society & Ethical Values
Educational Qualification
  1. Ph.D (Economics) - University of Hyderabad - 2012
  2. M.Phil (Economics) - University of Hyderabad - 2005
  3. MA (Economics) - University of Hyderabad - 2004
    Memberships & Society
    1. Life Member-Indian Society of Labour Economics
      Current Administrative Responsibility
      1. Member, Board of Studies, Deptt. of HSS
      2. Faculty Advisor (UG 1st Year)
      3. Time Table Coordinator, Deptt. of HSS
        Past Administrative Responsibility
        1. Semster Officer (UG)
        2. Verifying Officer-CCMT-2018
        3. Member, CSAB-SFTI 2017
        4. PI (Sanhita)-Techno-Cultural Fest-2017
        5. Member, Library Advisory Committee, Deptt. of HSS
        6. Nodal Officer- Promoting Consultancy, testing and strengthening institute industry interaction, Deptt. of HSS
          Work Experiences
          1. Assisatnt Professor, National Institute of Technology Patna (December, 2014- Continuing)
          2. Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology Uttarakhand (August,2013- December, 2014)
          3. Assistant Faculty, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Gujarat (March, 2012- July, 2013)
          4. Young Professional, Perspective Planning Division, Planning Commission (May, 2010- February, 2011)
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              International Conferences
              1. Deepak Kumar Behera, Indian Society of labour Economics.  GIFT, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala ,December - 2017, Received the Ruddar Datt Memorial Award for Best Paper with cash prize of Rs.10,000/- .
              2. Deepak Kumar Behera, Growth, Employment and Productivity in Post-liberalization period in India: A case of Recent effects of Economic slowdown on Employment, Economics, Business Management and Marketing.  375-378, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ,October - 2009, .
              1. "India s Agrarian Crisis and the Emergence of Contract Farming- A Study of Bihar", sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi- Project Report Submitted
              Phd Students
              1. Ms. Maryam Sabreen - Socio-Economic Aspects of Rural Non-Farm Employment in Bihar ( 2017 - Cont... ).