Anti Ragging Squad

   Anti-Ragging (Ragging prevention) committee with the following members is constituted to prevent the ragging in the campus of the institute.

Name Designation Post Contact No.
Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Verma Dean (Student Welfare) Chairman 9430249743
Prof. (Dr.) G. K. Choudhary Dean (Faculty Welfare) Member 9334105759
Prof. (Dr.) N. R. Lall Dean (Academic) Member 9835018663
Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Kumar Dean (Research & Consultancy) Member 9431074435
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Sinha Dean (Planning & Development) Member 9835473300
Dr. N. S. Maurya Chairman HMC Member 9430692342
Prof. (Dr.) Vivekanand Singh HOD (Civil) Member 9430250703
Prof. (Dr.) A. N. Sinha HOD (Mechanical) Member 9431388965
Prof. (Dr.) U. S. Triar HOD (Electrical) Member 9334482771
Dr. G. Pradhan HOD (ECE) Member 9546823280
Dr. Prabhat Kumar HOD (Computer Science & Engg.) Member 9835011206
Dr. Kamini Sinha HOD (Arch.) Member 9431648901
Dr.Samrat Mukherjee HOD (Physics) Member 9973791523
Dr. T Parvin HOD (Chemistry) Member 9905667920
Dr. R. K. Jha HOD (Mathematics) Member 9430676335
Dr. A. R. Sinha HOD (HSS) Member 9934065068
Dr. Sunita Kumari Warden, Ganga-A & Bagmati Hostel Member 9430000969
Dr. Anupam Das Warden, Sone Hostel Member 9693421578
Sri Arun Kumar Warden, Kosi Hostel Member 9431882042
Dr. Ranja Bandyopadhyay Warden, Ganga-B Hostel Member 7870774583
Dr. Kakali Chaterjee Warden, Ganga-C Hostel Member 9968099160
Dr. T. Roshni Warden, Kurji Girls Hostel Member 9771411148
Shri J. P. Sharma Security Officer Member 9661800956
Shri K. K. Tiwari Registrar Member Secretary 9431800956