(Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering)

(December 19-21,2018)



Fluvial Hydraulics: Erosion, Sedimentation, Sediment transport, geomorphology,plan form analysis, hydraulics of alluvial streams,analytical and numerical modelling.

Silt Management of River Ganga and its tributaries:Silting mechanism in river Ganga and its tributaries stream power and hydraulic efficiency of alluvial streams,criteria for desilting, site selection for desilting (hotspots), models for silt management, impact of desilting, Impact of Farakka Barrage on sedimentation       and flow phenomena.

River Engineering:Advances in river training works, river flow dynamics in channel and flood plains, hydraulic and hydrologic routing.

Impact of Climate changes on water resources:Climate change models,downscaling, catchment scale modelling, uncertainly analysis, scenario generation and forecasting.

Hydrology of Extremes:Floods and its frequency analysis, Drought severity analysis,Extreme rainfall events and its modelling, uncertainty analysis, scenario  generation and forecasting.

Groundwater Modelling:Aquifers, unsaturated and saturated flow modelling,solute transport,river bank filtration, recharge modelling.

Water Use Efficiency:Irrigation efficiency, Water management, Conjunctive use, Command area development, recent advances to increase water use  efficiency,cropping pattern, irrigation return flow and water demand for irrigation.

Environment flows and Ecological flows: Environmental flows, eco-hydrology, E-flow models based on hydrologic, hydraulic and holistic approach.

Urban water management and impact of heat islands: Smart city drainage and water management, urban flooding and water logging, water pollution, urban waste  water management, Design and development of innovative low cost treatment plants.

Water Quality for Indian rivers and its modelling: Water quality variables and its impact, low cost remedial measures for different water quality parameters, water  quality modelling of rivers and groundwater, use of renewable source of energy for water quality improvement.

Water resources structures and its management: Advanced Design and development of structures, Operation policies, optimization models, area-capacity analysis,  reservoir sedimentation, Analysis of life of dams and reservoirs.